Au Coing Du Ventoux

A very Provençal name


Is the mark of our attachment to Provence. The recipe for coudounat has been passed down from one generation to the next :

"Sun and press " These are the two important ingredients necessary to make a good coudounat !
Other ingredients being fine alcohol and expertise.

We don't count the hours to make an exceptional beverage !


The company Soleu E Destre, for the making and selling of a drink based on quince juice and alcohol, was creasted in 2002 by three friends, who, having made their own quince aperitif for years, and being aware of the quality of this product and of it's Provençal particularity, were motivated to commercialise this spirit drink as " Ventoux, Aperitif du Coing".
It was also the desire to make known a traditional recipe to anyone who no longer has a quince tree in their garden. Passed down from father to son, this traditional recipe for real " real Coudounat " remains the same.
Corinne, who has been managing the company since 2011, promotes her products at the local markets, introducing coudounat to a new generation as wall as it's rediscovery to the older ones.

Since her son Benoit became involved in 2018, this small family business has begun to introduce new derivate products :
sparkling,quince paste...


The company today

Pleasure, Conviviality, Refinement

The high standards of Soleu E Destre reflect those of its emblematic product: the "Coudounat".
Whether it is in the selling or the making, we privilege direct contact with the client or retailer, and also in our choice of partneers and service providers.


the spirit of the company is animated by the commmercial expertise of Corinne, who enjoys introducing and promoting her beautifully presented products.
She has recently created and marketed a new product, " Le Coing qui Pétille ". (Sparkling Quince).

Our Produits



Derived Products